Group Management | Realtime Contributions

GrupCash is an interactive & social app that helps users to create groups and add members where they can collectively make real-time contributions and help in proper governance within the group which improves transparency & accountability. Download App or Sign In/Sign Up to use web version.

About GrupCash

Managing Groups and Contributions has never been easier

We help you manage groups and finances through and interactive and user friendly.

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Exclusive Features

Contributions are a way of life, with our exclusive features we make it easier to achieve your contribution goals and targets.

Group Management

Create and manage groups and their contribution events. In an easy and transparent manner.

Real Time

Make a contribution and get real time notifications and updates on the group wallet.

Record Keeping

Clear precice and real time notifications and records of contributions for every person in a group.

Easy Layout

The layout is simple to use and easy to learn.

Notifications & Updates

Get group notification and updates on events, contributions and group chats.

Contribution Events

Create a group contribution events and meet your targets.

GrupCash Is A Great App, Watch How It works!

An App designed to make group contributions and management simple and real time.

Group Contribution recode keeping has never been easier and faster than with GrupCash. See how it works

How GrupCash Help

GrupCash Will Help You To Reach Your Targets Quickly. The GrupCash Way

Our App helps you to contribute towards targets be it a chama or an event. You can set up targets and see how watch as people within the group contribute towards your set target.

Download form PlayStore or Signup and use our Web version.

Contribute together faster & smarter

Achieve your Group Goals

Generate Records Fast

Connect with Friends & Family